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Last update: April 16th, 2010

Launching a 5S project seems simple enough, resources, explanations and examples are numerous, so why should a company hire a consultant?

To keep it short, check with this check-list:

You have:


And of course you are or at least will be:
  • Have a neat, tidy arranged workshop
  • Rules about cleaning and order
  • Results of 5S audits
  • Communication area
  • In line with your management's requirements
  • In line with the company strategy
  • satisfait avec cela

Competencies in fiels:

  • 5S (operationnal)
  • pedagogy for adults
  • work groups management
  • projets management
  • change management
  • responses to objections
  • in line with objectives et dead lines
  • capitalisation and sharing of best practices
  • experienced
  • credible
  • charismatic
  • leader
in front of your managers, colleagues, floor shop
Time and availability to:
  • Start the projet
  • "sell it" to stake holders
  • Train participants
  • coach pilot sessions
  • duplicate further
  • keep project alive beyond the 3 first months, beyond first pilot session
  • always available
  • motivated, regardless to time spent and problems
  • energy source for the whole work group
  • you are able to evaluate costs and benefits
  • you are able to deliver all messages
  • you do not expose yourself in anyway by leading yourself such a project (in front of your hierarchy, colleagues, workers...)
  • you have the right to make mistakes and learn from them
  • Convinced of the fact the 5S will open to "something else", bigger stakes
  • capable to go beyond housekeeping

If you hesitate after reviewing this list, you probably understood the risks of failure of such "easy looking" project.

Deploy the 5S to have a good looking workshop or factory is already a failure, because it is a mismatching between promoting a management style and prepare a solid foundation for continuous progress on one side and save expenses of cleaning by an external company on the other side.

Regarding the required competencies and talents the 5S coach should have and the risks of disapointment if the project fails, hiring an experienced professionnal is, after all, of reasonable cost. This cost is precisely the (only) one that can be accurately forcasted.



Author, Chris HOHMANN, is managing partner in an international consulting firm.

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Hidden expectations of our clients

Very few of our 5S training or consulting assignments are simply related to industrial hygiene. Beyond the initial requirement to deploy the 5S, we'll find almost systematically greater ambitions, sometimes far away from purely 5S theme.

The talent of the consultant is also to sense the real stakes and objectives, be able to prepare the transition phase from 5S deployment to the full extend of the global project.


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