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Production portal

Welcome to my Production Portal.
Created April 2004, this portal is a convenient and quick access to my Production related resources.

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Customisation and postponement


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Customisation and postponement
What is a Production System?
Production scheduling with heijunka box
When production forgets to...produce!
The river analogy
Caution while working on inventories reduction, explained with a boat on a river.
Reducing batch sizes

The smart usage of transfer batches and lot size reduction.
Scheduling and sequencing

Example of paint booth in automotive industry assembly line.
( French only, but rich in graphics)

Load - capacity balance and constraint scheduling explained with a Tetris game

 Kanban, theory and methods



Around LEAN manufacturing

Principles of 5S
SMED, quick changeovers
TPM, Total Productive Maintenance
KAIZEN, continuous improvement

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