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Welcome to the my 5S portal.
Created in may 2003, this portal intent is to provide quick and easy access to my 5S related resources.

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 The 5S Essentials for readers in hurry

Developed in Japan, this method assume no effective and quality job can be done without clean and safe environment and without behavioral rules.

    The 5S are five action verbs (Sort, Clean, Set in order, Standardize and Progress), all starting with an S in Japanese (Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuke). The name "Five S" now identify this method.

The 5S allow to set up a well adapted and functional work environment, ruled by simple yet effective rules.

5S deployment is to be done in a logical and progressive way. The 3 first S are shop floor actions, while the 2 lasts are sustaining and progress actions.

Apparently simple, the 5S are a consistent and powerful set. Their correct deployment allows change and progress far beyond just perform cleaning (or order the cleaning to be done).

5S are the solid base, the foundation on which to build continuous improvement, install lean manufacturing tools and methods. They are also an effective lever for change management and empowerment.

It is recommended to start implementing 5S in a well chosen pilot workshop or pilot process, and spread to the others step by step.

Read about 5S in details

 The principles of 5S

Read about the principles of 5S, explained S by S, in detail.

Implementing and deploying 5S

Quick hit or lasting project?
Read about major steps and hints to successfully implement and deploy 5S in your organization. Read

My own experience implementing 5S

Read author's testimony about starting 5S in a French YAMAHA subsidiary

5S and the seven types of waste defined by  TOYOTA

Why should you call a consultant to help installing 5S?
Read the answer

5S, hygiene to keep your data tidy

The 5S stand for the basic principles allowing to build and maintain an efficient, functional and safe work environment, ruled with simple, yet effective rules. The same approach can be used for electronic files and data.

5S and change management

If not seeing the 5S as only a housekeeping method, but understanding the underlying management dimension, 5S are a lever for successful change management and fostering empowerment.

Solid basement for improvement plans

Almost all best practices and improvement plans have 5S as foundation.

New Concepts or 5S diverted
5S basics inspire creation of clones with specific targets .
Read details

5S in office
Initiated and successfully deployed in the workshops, 5S are heading toward every other department in the company, including offices .

5S tips and tricks

Cabinets and shelves

Use TAG and ABC method to sort items

Beware bartering!

Select your pilot zone

Everybody pretend practicing 5S

The spreading of (best) practices, tools and methods , especially Japanese ones brought a kind of trend upon 5S. It id fashionable to pretend practicing 5S. The name 5S itself passed in the common vocabulary in industry.
Reality or just
making believe?

The reality on shop floor is mostly far away from manager's optimistic illusions. Read about it

Practical guide to 5S
By the author of this site.

Practical guide to 5S

Teaching and operational, punctuated of many anecdotes, the book provides concrete examples and illustrations for various branches of industry. The author invites the reader to read also examples out of his ordinary scope, in order to get ideas and transpose in his.


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