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Lean essentials for readers in hurry

Lean (short) definition: generate the maximum added value at lowest cost as fast as possible.

The core principle of lean Manufacturing is to adjust process and resources to what is just necessary, rather than trying to get the maximum out of the available resources.

Every activity can be broken down in process or seris of tasks creating value, and one or more support process. Analysis of these tasks reveal some of them are realy useful, because creating value, while other are realy useless, because they don't create value but consum energy and ressources instead, typical wastes. Hence, lead time is extended by these useless activities, delaying the value delivery to clients.

A lean process is a now "slender" process which was lightened of wastes and excess inventories which made it obese and less performant.

No client, if he knew, would accept to pay premium for products and/or services he "buys" to compensate inefficiency of his supplier. The inefficient supplier will not reveal his own poor performance, but competitors will, proposing better products at lower costs in faster delivery.

Basic concepts Tools and Methods Lessons learnt
Développer Lean Thinking
  • What is a production system?
  • What is World Class Manufacturing ?
  • Pull Flow / Push flow
  • Muri Mura MUDA !
  • Pull Flow for dummies
  • TOYOTA Production System (TPS)
  • Measure (OEE, efficiency...)
  • Picking OEE Data
  • OEE permanet measuring?
  • Lean Tools and Methods
  • About Takt
  • Yamazumi charts
  • Heijunka, levelling
  • Kanban
  • Postponement
  • Lean toolbox, SMED
  • SMED Single Minute Exchange of Die
  • SMED pitfalls (PDF)
    Lean Management
  • Improving performances: don't mismatch! (PDF)
  • How long to be Lean?
  • Lean Office
  • Lean Administration
  • Lean Services
  • Prospective
  • Agile Manufacturing
  • Lean Asset Management
  • Digital Manufacturing: Lean goes digital (PDF / French)
  • Lean: what if tool age did not precede management age?
      improve the process
    Improving performance: Focus the right target!

    My baker is Lean !

    Lean R&D
    R&D, what exactly do we speak about?
    Lean design; design according to Voice of Customer (VoC) Design for Six Sigma
    Lean design; design according to Voice of Customer (VoC)
    The Kano model (French)
    Developing products nobody wants is a waste! (PDF)
    Quality Function Deployment
    Design For Six Sigma
    Listen to the customer, but not too much
    Lessons learnt: Lean R&D and Low Cost vehicle
    SMART, Logan, Nano, breakthru in automotive
    Lean, R&D and globalization; myths and realities
    Lean Engineering

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    What is a production system?
    Blame it on suppliers (PDF)
    Learning to see...waste and savings
    Putting variability under control with heijunka
    Production levelling (heijunka)
    Heijunka explained with an example
    Scheduling with heijunka box

    The pitfall about TPM and SMED (PDF)
    7, 8 or 9 types of waste? (PDF)
    Push vs Pull flows
    Kanban systems basics

    First steps in kanban, what you have to know:

    Kanban and supermarket

    Resupply what customer just consummed, with kanban cards.
    Read details

    TOP / GOR

    Scheduling with kanban cards on GOR Panel














    Lean office - Lean administration
    About lean principles in offices and tertiary activités


    LEAN toolbox

    5S, basics of lean and continuous improvement.

    SMED, Changeovers in less than 10 minutes.

    The stakes of SMED, why quick changeovers are necessary.

    TPM Total Productive Maintenance for higher equipment availablility and performance.


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