Practical Guide to 5S
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Last update: November 4th, 2005

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Foreword by the author

Don't think this book is just an other work guide to implement 5S, it is an invitation to go beyond cleaning and set in order, to use 5S for what they really are:

  • A daily management lever
  • A soft way for change management
  • A lever for continuous improvement
  • Basic tools of performance

To earn all the gain it is necessary to push the 5S logic to its end, deploy every one of the 5S, assess the progress and the one still to reach.

Editor's introduction

Roadmap to excellence
Suppress the useless - Set in order - make Shine - Standardize (set rules) - Sustain and progress

  • The prerequisite to all performance and quality (lean, Six Sigma...) tools and methods
  • An effective approach which requires no specific knowledge nor important means
  • A (best) practice suitable for workshops and offices

The 5S are part of the best practices, foundamentals every company of the XXI century must master. The 55 principles are easy to understand and their and the implementation requires neither particular know-how nor significant financial investment. However, behind this apparent simplicity, hides a powerful and multipurpose tool that few companies succeeded in applying fully to draw all the possible benefit from it.

The principles of the 55 are universal and apply as well in a factory or workshop, in a shop, a warehouse, an office, the kitchen of a restaurant, and even at home!

Teaching and operational, punctuated of many anecdotes, the book provides concrete examples and illustrations for various branches of industry. The author invites the reader to read also examples out of his ordinary scope, in order to get ideas and transpose in his.

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    The author, Chris HOHMANN, is manager and consultant in a consulting firm specialized in lean entreprise and improving operation performance.

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